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What is MoonX

We’re building a family with values

MoonX is a platform of the future for trading crypto assets that is decentralised, and co-owned by the entire MoonX Family.

While existing solutions offer to solve just one problem at a time, the MoonX family is up to build a highly secure, useful, & easy-to-use product based on private blockchain. It will include easy cryptocurrency payments integration and even a digital arbitration system.

At the end, our aim is to integrate all companies, employees, and business assets into a unified blockchain ecosystem, which will make business truly efficient, transparent, and reliable.

Technological Excellence

Stock Exchange Tech ++ Military Level Security

Moon Exchange is the ultimate excellence in Engineering.

A group of the world’s leading cryptographers, stock exchange matching engine experts and quantitative trading and security experts volunteered in building the best-in-class secured blockchain exchange. Their aim is to match and exceed the existing Top Stock Exchange level + technology and provide best trading experience for the MoonX Family members.

The world is my family

Revolutionary Mining Mechanism

Are you interested in becoming a miner with the MoonX Family?

Trading is mining on MoonX. Every trade shall be awarded with Moon Money, Block rewards are higher for the Early traders.

MoonX was born with an idea to debunk ‘for-profit’ traditional centralised platforms where the aim is to gain profits from the end users and the ICO’s.

Moon Money is to be mined by its MoonX Family by transacting on their platform. Each family member benefits from Moon Money’s performance and price appreciation.

Pure Trading MoonX
power of Family

Pure Free Trading Platform

Moon Exchange rewards early users with real Moon Money. The platform only charges 0.1% as the transaction fee, which shall be reimbursed to the traders in the form of Moon Money. Free listing for ICO’s!

Encouraging Ideas

MoonX is Listening

Decentralised economy needs a decentralised exchange. The voice of every MoonX Family member is being heard and ha s the opportunity to voice their opinions, suggestions and also contribute in terms of technology and design.

Every suggestion shall be subject to voting within the MoonX Family. The top-rated suggestions will be implemented. Community members are the true essence of MoonX and they are the real owners being the MoonX Family.

Any Currency to Any Currency Exchange
Implication Engine

Any Currency to Any Currency Exchange

Trading from one Cryptocurrency to any other crypto-currency is allowed. MoonX Family shall not restrict it to 3-4 base pairs like the existing centralised platforms available.

Example : A user would be able to exchange NEO to EOS or ADA or the currency of their choice directly without having to go through the BTC /USDT /ETH conversions . This saves time, money and effort in the PRO version available in December 2018.


Best Features

The MoonX Family combines a passion for Investment Banking, Stock Exchange Technology experts, Cryptographers and a host of allied areas to make them a formidable unit.

Fast KYC

The fastest KYC in the region to get you started in under 30 minutes.

Fiat to Crypto

High liquidity order books to help you buy any crypto with fiat.

Futures and Margin

The first exchange in the region to introduce Futures and Margin trading.

Integrated OTC

We also integrate an OTC desk to provide large liquidity beyond the order book.


ICO Announcement

  • Individual(ICO) Institutional(ICO) Private
  • Minumum 0.05 BTC 5 BTC --
  • Maximum 2 BTC 30 BTC --
  • Lock Up No Lock Up 6 Months (50% Unlock every 3 months) 12 Months (25% Unlock every 3 Months)

Coin Allocation

  • Percentage Allocation
  • 30% Coins would be distributed in 8 years, detailed coin mining plan would be released in the MoonX Technical Whitepaper.
  • 20% Coins are held by early sponsors and strategic investors. MoonX sets very selective standards on early sponsors and investors.
  • 20% Family Executives are the Executive Team who are the early Founders and serve the team.
  • 10% Allocated for Marketing and Operations of the Moon ecosystem.
  • 10% Ecosystem Fund invested in the form of FOF, and it avoids direct investment to set MoonX as a purely independent platform and supports a good crypto project to grow the Moon ecosystem in the long run.
  • 10% Moon Currency Fund acts as a central bank whose major role is to stabilize the price growth of Moon Money and sets currency regulations to make Moon Money sustainable in the long run.
  • Coin Name Moon Money
  • Ticker MM
  • Platform Native Coin
  • Total Supply 2.4B MM
  • Private Round (Soft Cap.) 28,626,000 USD (Closed.)
  • ICO Price 1 BTC = 80,000 MM
  • Private Round Discount 24.5%
  • Hard Cap 300 BTC
  • Accepted Currency BTC & USDT
  • Bounty Available
  • Restricted Area USA
  • KYC Required
  • Allotment Allotment


500-1500 C.E
Silent Trade
London Stock Exchange (LSE).
Amsterdam Stock Exchange
New York StockExchange (NYSE)
Stock Market Crash
NASDAQ - Computing in the Stock Exchanges
Chicago Stock Exchange
HFT - Start of Development
High-frequency trading (HFT)
First Crypto Exchanges fail in Australia
Gold Age Inc. Shut Down
The Bullion Exchange
58 E-Gold Accounts Liquidate
Financial Crisis – Wall Street
Cryptocurrency Bitcoin launched in 2008
Micro Second Engine
Mt. Gox - Cryptocurrency Exchange Shut
Cryogenic Nano Second Engine
Jan 2018
Moon Family – Official Setup
Feb 2018
Underground Cryogenic Bunker Plan
July 31, 2018
MoonX Beta Cloud Solution - Plan
Oct 31, 2018
MoonX Pro - Integration and Alpha Version
Nov 2018
Underground Cryogenic Bunker - Construction Completed
Dec 2018
Underground Cryogenic Bunker - Installed
Dec 2018 - Jan 2019
Launch of the MoonX pro
Top Quality ICO’s and Social Enterprise by MoonX
Prominence of Stock Exchanges Diminishes
Stock Market Cycle Dwindles
2040 - 2100
MoonX - makes the world a better place
2100 onwards
New wave of Economic changes

MoonX Family

The MoonX Team combines a passion for esports, industry expertise & proven record in finance, development, marketing & licensing.

Dr. Nithin Palavalli
Founding Chief Executive
Tony Lee
Founding Financial Controller
Rahi Racharla
Founding Technology Executive
Anil Kumar
Brian Soans

MoonX Mentors

Jeffrey Wernick
Craig Peterson
Edward Lehman
Ritesh Modi
Amit Gupta
R.K Mishra
Cho Dong-Sung
Peter Du
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